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Posted by:merscwog
Subject:Java-based Kismet to KML converter (JK2K)
Date:22:58:05 31/01/2008

If you run Kismet with a GPS attached, then you've probably run one of the converters to generate Google Earth KML files.

Here is where a Java-based one can now be found:

While far from perfect, I attempted to incorporate most of the capabilities found in the python, javascript and perl variants that exist.

What it can do:
Handle multiple large overlapping datasets (10K+ discrete BSSIDs easily)
Validates input, so bogus lat/lon coordinates are not used
Writes out the data in a KML 2.1 compliant fashion (waiting for KML 2.2 final)
Associates BSSID to IEEE maintained OUIs (Organizationally Unique Identifier)
Works with Java5+ (although in the future it may be Java6+ only)
Will recursively parse Kismet-*.{gps,xml} files from a list of top level dirs

What it doesn't do:
Generate a .kmz file (although that'll probably be the next thing)
Generate the bounding polygons layer like the php version
Combine coordinates using a weighted average based upon signal strength

I'm quite certain there are some latent bugs, as there currently are no automated tests written.

Please provide feedback if you do try it out. Thanks!


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