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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:gpsmap not working for data from N810
Date:19:55:56 26/01/2008

> Is it (somehow?) possible to get a working map with the N810? (I enabled beacon packet logging, but I noticed that Kismet says that the N810's WLAN chip doesn't report the signal strength - is this the reason for "no samples"? If yes: iwconfig tells me about the quality of the connection - so maybe it is only little work...)
> Anyway, having Kismet on this device is great fun :) Thanks...

This would be one of the reasons why there isn't a nokia package yet.

There is *NO* gps support on 8x0 yet since the code to talk to the navkit API isn't written.

Keep an eye on the changelog and the devel blog for when a test package is ready.


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