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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet for Solaris
Date:14:52:21 24/01/2008

> > How about kismet for Solaris?
> >
> > I tried to compile but received errors from
> Since you didn't see fit to provide us with the error output, its not easy to tell you what is missing.

This is true. It should be a minor matter to make it *compile* on solaris since it works on other true-nixes like *bsd... But read on.

> Are all the required libraries available for Solaris ? Do Solaris have drivers for all the capture sources, with RF-Mon capability ?

Heres the real crux - I know *nothing* about how solaris does drivers, and if they might support rfmon, and how.

> I'm sure dragorn won't mind you sending him diffs, providing solaris compatibility.

Indeed I would not. Diffs are good.

The course of action you should pursue, I think, is to first get manual control and tcpdump working in rfmon on your system, and then tell me how you did it. The quickest thing to try is "tcpdump -y" on your interface and see what DLTs it lists. If it lists an 802.11 DLT, then we're significantly far along already - the code to set a DLT is already done. Then, figure out if that actually does something (tcpdump and generate traffic with other cards). If it does, you're in even more luck. Then, figure out how to control the channel- first step would be to identify some command-line tool equivalent to iwconfig, make sure it works while you have an 80211 DLT sniff running in tcpdump, then figure out what ioctls it uses and let me know.


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