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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:my interfaces get destroyed
Date:15:57:21 22/01/2008

> Thanks you all
> I know this is the problem, but, What's the best way to solve it?
> wlanconfig create ....
> airmon-ng start & stop
> modprobe -r ath_pci & modprobe ath_pci
> or some combination of the aforementioned
> or even more important, How can I automate these tasks?
> I'd like it to add some line at kismet.conf or at etc/network/interfaces in order to get the proper interface automatically and properly created and destroyed.
> The main issue is to create the interface with the name I want to. (ath0)

Kismet will destroy non-rfmon vaps if configured to do so and create its own.

It will bring down it's own when it's done.

wlanconfig ath0 create ...

should make a vap of that name. If it doesn't, udev is breaking your system and renaming interfaces, and you'll have to figure out how/why (which is distribution specific).


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