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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:my interfaces get destroyed
Date:15:42:07 22/01/2008

> Thanks you all
> I know this is the problem, but, What's the best way to solve it?
> wlanconfig create ....
> airmon-ng start & stop
> modprobe -r ath_pci & modprobe ath_pci
> or some combination of the aforementioned

None of the above.

> or even more important, How can I automate these tasks?

Write a shell script that does the first 2 steps listed in the previous message, then calls the Kismet shell script, then does the last 3 steps listed in the previous message, after the Kismet shell script has exited. Remember to enable the "vapdestroy" option in kismet.conf (from version 2007.10.R1 onwards), to let Kismet destroy any VAP's that Kismet has created, upon exiting Kismet.

> I'd like it to add some line at kismet.conf or at etc/network/interfaces in order to get the proper interface automatically and properly created and destroyed.

Not possible.

> The main issue is to create the interface with the name I want to. (ath0)

See previous message. Short of catching a plane to your location, and typing the commands for you, it can't be explained more simply. If you want me to do that, I need your VALID creditcard number, and a signed waiver allowing me to put you in debt for the remainder of this century.


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