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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:my interfaces get destroyed
Date:15:12:33 22/01/2008

> Tha problem is that when I quit Kismet it destroys my managed interface instead of the monitor one.
> Then, I need to create a new one with
> wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode managed nosbeacon
> and a new problem arises, wlanconfig choose a random name for the interface (e.g ath11), I'm not able to force it to choose ath0.
> This is a problem for me because the network manager needs to be configured again in order to connect with the new interface as the old one doesn't exist any more.
> How can I get Kismet not to destroy my managed interface?
> How can I get wlanconfig to create ath0 instead of athxx?

1) Kill networkmanager and other cardgrabbing daemons, before using Kismet.
2) Destroy any athX VAP's manually before using Kismet. As stated in the documentation, with regards to the madwifi capture sources, if non monitormode VAP's are active while Kismet operates, weird things can and probably will happen.
3) Recreate the non-monitor mode VAP manually after exiting Kismet.
4) Restart networkmanager and other cardgrabbing daemons.
5) Resume standard usage of WiFi card.


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