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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Windows + Linksys Drone = complete setup?
Date:12:20:55 22/01/2008

> Thanks for the info mate. So is the KisWin the Kismet client of server software? And does it have the capture features or just the monitoring?

If you are talking about the KisWin package from Renderlabs (or the Kismet windows package from Cace Technologies for their AirPcap devices), then they contain the necessary Cygwin environment and compiled Cygwin binaries of all the programs in the Kismet package.

If you are talking about the KisWin VB6 client, it only contains a GUI client for Windows.

> Should I just bite the bullet and get a linux box for a Kismet server and forget about the KisWin box because it's not the full thing? If so, can you please recommend a good linux distro to put it on, considering that I'm not very experienced with linux.

If you want to capture on your PC, with one or more of the supported WiFi NIC's, you need one of the supported OS'es. If you want to stay on Windows, you need drones or an Cace AirPcap device. No other WiFi devices are supported under Windows. Just as it says in the documentation. You did read the documentation, right ?

As for recommending a Linux Distro, I can't do that in good faith, since I do not know whether you are a computer-challenged person, a lazy-ass, or someone who want to learn. Go check out various Linux distros, most have a Live-CD version available, select the one you like best, install it, then read the documentation on how to install Kismet on Linux.

For good measure, the documentation is online, second link above, and in an effort to hide it in plain view, the link is called "Documentation". Pay particular note to section 18, last Q&A. Also try to do a google search for the essay by the Internet old-timer Eric S. Raymond, called "How to ask questions the smart way", and read that. It would explain why section 18, last Q&A is there.


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