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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Windows + Linksys Drone = complete setup?
Date:05:45:34 22/01/2008

> Hi, I have searched all threads I could find relating to Windows, and have read the readme from top to bottom but the Windows scenario is still a bit grey for me.
> My equipment consists of:
> - Linksys router with hacked firmware
> - Windows XP32/Vista64 box
> - Netgear/Netcomm 54g card
> For a complete Kismet setup, which I can monitor/capture data do I need to set the Linksys up as a Drone or Kismet Server (can it be both)?

Unless you have hacked your Linksys to add additional external storage in the form of forinstance an SD card, I wouldn't run it as a server, only as a Drone. The Server needs to store the logged data, the Drone serves it to the computer running the Kismet server, whether that is in a Cygwin, Mac, Linux, or BSD environment. Look at it as a Drone being a (remote) network interface that the server gets data from, just like it can get data from a locally attached and compatible WiFi NIC.

> And also, can I use KisWin to capture/monitor data or do I need the Cygwin Kismet version?

The KisWin package is actually the necessary Cygwin files and the Cygwin compiled kismet binary packaged into an installer, for your comfort and laziness.


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