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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet captures no packets! HELP!!
Date:05:41:10 22/01/2008

> I can get it to work if I kill the following processes before running:
> killall dhclient
> killall dhcdbd
> killall wpa-supplicant
> killall NetworkManager*
> (I didn't try to isolate which were interfering and which weren't; I just killed them all).
> So, problem solved, I guess. But can anyone explain which of these interfere with kismet's operation and why?

All of them.
In short:
Networkmanager tries to control the interface, and redefine its mode of operation according to its configuration.
wpa-supplicant tries to set encryption according to its configuration when the interface is up.
dhclient and its daemon tries to get a DHCP lease, when the interface is up and associated.

So the result is that they try to reconfigure the interface away from RF-MON mode and into a mode where the interface can associate to the AP (STA mode), which ofcourse is not what you want when running Kismet.

Write a shell script that shuts the daemons involved down ( ie calls
"/etc/init.d/dhcbd" and the other daemon init scripts with the "stop" parameter), and then calls the kismet shellscript.

It's actually also stated in the documentation, section 7, last paragraph, and section 17, problem/fix # 8, that those monopolistic cardgrabbing'n'reconfiguring daemons should be shut down prior to running Kismet. You did read the documentation, right ? Otherwise see section 18, last Q&A in the list.


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