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Posted by:pshootr
Subject:ipw2200 injection patch issue
Date:19:47:22 21/01/2008

> > Ok, awhile back I Installed the ipw2200 1.2.2 drivers, and appropriate firmware. I had kismet working. Tonight I reinstalled the 1.2.2 drivers after patching them with the ipw220 1.2.2-injection.patch. And now when start kismet I get this message below. Could this be because the source ID has changed.
> Yes, No, Maybe.
> If the patch you applied to the drivers, changed the way the drivers are put into rf-mon mode, then of course kismet has no way of working with the patched drivers.
> Furthermore, the patched drivers are not on the list of capture-sources, so what you are doing is actually trying to use unsupported drivers with kismet - naturally there aren't any guarantees that it will work.
> You have the solution at hand allready - it works with the unpatched drivers, as per the kismet documentation - so if you want a working kismet, use those drivers.
> Its not a kismet problem, that a userapplied patch to otherwise working drivers, break the functionality that kismet relies upon to use those drivers. It's strictly a user problem.
Thanks Dutch, I got it working again with a different patch. Goofed up first time I replied, look here.
> Dutch

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