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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ipw2200 injection patch issue
Date:18:00:38 20/01/2008

> Ok, awhile back I Installed the ipw2200 1.2.2 drivers, and appropriate firmware. I had kismet working. Tonight I reinstalled the 1.2.2 drivers after patching them with the ipw220 1.2.2-injection.patch. And now when start kismet I get this message below. Could this be because the source ID has changed.

I have no idea what those patches might do. AFAIK you can't do true injection with the firmware Intel provides, the only "injection" patches require association which makes the point kinda moot.

If it worked before you modified the drivers and doesn't work after, I'd say yes, it's a good bet that the injection patches broke the drivers.

Unmodified Intel drivers nicely obey the wireless extensions, nothing particularly funny is used by Kismet to bring them into rfmon. Sounds like the injection patch breaks normal operation.


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