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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:ipw2200 injection patch issue
Date:07:28:20 20/01/2008

> Ok, awhile back I Installed the ipw2200 1.2.2 drivers, and appropriate firmware. I had kismet working. Tonight I reinstalled the 1.2.2 drivers after patching them with the ipw220 1.2.2-injection.patch. And now when start kismet I get this message below. Could this be because the source ID has changed.

Yes, No, Maybe.

If the patch you applied to the drivers, changed the way the drivers are put into rf-mon mode, then of course kismet has no way of working with the patched drivers.

Furthermore, the patched drivers are not on the list of capture-sources, so what you are doing is actually trying to use unsupported drivers with kismet - naturally there aren't any guarantees that it will work.

You have the solution at hand allready - it works with the unpatched drivers, as per the kismet documentation - so if you want a working kismet, use those drivers.

Its not a kismet problem, that a userapplied patch to otherwise working drivers, break the functionality that kismet relies upon to use those drivers. It's strictly a user problem.


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