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Posted by:pshootr
Subject:saved data
Date:19:26:26 19/01/2008

> > Hey,It is sending logs, and I figured out where they are going!!! Thanks anyway. Now if I could only figure out how to open them in wireshark.
> .dump files are binary datadumps in pcap format. File - Open - click on the dump file to open it with wireshark. .csv files are standard csv files, open them in any spreadsheet program, .weak files are airsnort compatible dumps of weak packets.
> The other log files are text files, in various different forms of formatting, open them in whatever you use to view text files, or use a program that utilizes the specific kind of formatting. Next time, read the documentation. It is actually explained there, what formats kismet can log data in.
> Dutch
Thank you Dutch for your reply. I have opened a .dump file with wireshark! Each day a learn a little bit more. Just tried linux for the first time two weeks ago. I have read alot of ducumentation, but I am so new to all this stuff alot of it goes over my head. Plus my retention is not the best. Thanks again for your help Dutch.


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