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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Alert on Mac = X - Need Help, Insight, Direction ;P Thanks!
Date:21:27:25 18/01/2008

> Hello All,
> Is there a feature in Kismet that would alert me if a certain MAC popped up?
> example: If Mac = xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, then Alert.
> I have a few Mac's that I'd like to experiment with.
> It would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Not directly - You might be able to use Kismet's named pipe support in conjunction with for instance Snort or another Layer 3 IDS, to alert you on specified circumstances such as a specific BSSID revealing itself. But that depends on the IDS being able to use layer 2 info such as the MAC address, from the layer 3 data packets. I think Snort can do that, but I'm not sure.


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