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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:What capture source for an Intel 3945ABG with iwlwifi drivers?
Date:03:54:23 13/01/2008

> I have an Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Adapter running the iwlwifi drivers ( ) but I don't know what capture source should I use under /etc/kismet.conf
> The driver creates an interface named 'wlan0'. I've read the README file but the only capture source for Intel 3945ABG is for the old and deprecated driver ( )
> Which one should I use for the new driver?

If the version of kismet (which you failed to include) you are running, doesn't support the iwl driver, then it is an old version.

The current stable version, Kismet-2007-10-R1, includes support for the iwl drivers, as stated in the changelog and in the online documentation which you can read by clicking the second link above, surprisingly called "Documentation" - Section 12, twentyfirst capture source listed.

If you are using a binary kismetpackage, supplied from a packagerepository of whatever distro you are using (which you also failed to include), then you either have to wait until the distromaintainer figures out there is a newer release available, or download the source and compile Kismet-2007-10-R1 yourself.


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