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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Does kismet always send you offline??
Date:16:10:47 09/01/2008

> Is this a limitation of kismet or the wireless drivers on linux?
> I'm able to scan and be online at the same time using kismac on my mac, but I have to get it running under linux. Do you guys know of a way to do this without getting another wireless card? Is there other packages that can do this?

you cannot scan across all the channels and be associated at the same time.

You typically cannot be in rfmon and normal mode at the same time. On many fullmac cards this is a chipset limitation. On softmac cards it's often a driver limitation.

Even on cards on which rfmon+sta works, you can't effectively scan all the channels because you can't tune a radio to two channels at the same time. This is true on your mac as well.

This is not something Kismet can change, nor for full scanning is it something drivers can fix.


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