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Posted by:icheyne
Subject:rt2500 card does not work in Ubuntu Gutsy
Date:09:26:34 09/01/2008

> > > My kismet.conf file says: source=rt2500,wmaster0,kismet
> > it should say something like source=rt2500,ra0,yourname
> > post iwconfig output.
> Yeah. Sounds like mac80211 drivers. You'll want the latest kismet release (2007-10) because it fixes some bugs with ifconfig downing an interface before switching mode (which will generate a busy error), and you'll want to use the proper interface, which would be ra0 (or wlan0, whatever your distro renames it to).

Thanks guys. Actually I am using wlan0, but must have pasted the wrong text into my post after trying both options.

I will give it a go tonight.

I am not the only one:

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