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Posted by:redrock
Subject:Does kismet always send you offline??
Date:01:44:30 09/01/2008

Is this a limitation of kismet or the wireless drivers on linux?

I'm able to scan and be online at the same time using kismac on my mac, but I have to get it running under linux. Do you guys know of a way to do this without getting another wireless card? Is there other packages that can do this?


> > Hey guys ive install kismet on ubuntu 7.10 and i got it to work just fine it picks up networks just fine, but everytime i start kismet i cant browse web pages, but i can still sniff, and the when im done with kismet i must reboot to get back online. Is this normal, and is there anything i can do?
> Yes, it's normal.
> No, there isn't anything you can do.
> You can't be in raw radio capture mode scanning multiple channels, and online with the same card.
> -m

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