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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:rt2500 card does not work in Ubuntu Gutsy
Date:00:14:06 09/01/2008

> Hi all
> I am using the rt2500 drivers and kismet package that came with Ubuntu Gusty.
> My kismet.conf file says: source=rt2500,wmaster0,kismet
> When I run 'sudo kismet', I get the following error:
> FATAL: Failed to set monitor mode: Device or resource busy. This usually means your drivers either do not support monitor mode, or use a different mechanism for getting to it. Make sure you have a version of your drivers that support monitor mode, and consult the troubleshooting section of the README.
> What do I do to fix this?

Which drivers does Ubuntu use for that card, and if they are the correct drivers, are they of a revision within the scope as specified in the Kismet documentation ?

Is the revision of Kismet in the Ubuntu Gutsy repository supporting your card ? Distro's tend to be 1 or more revisions behind the current Kismet revision.

Is NetworkManager or any other monopolistic cardgrabbing piece of software having control of the card, before you start up Kismet ?

Check, and if necessary fix, any of the above items.

Or do as the rest of us, compile the current Kismet version from source, by following the documentation. That way you allways get the most current, and up to date version.


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