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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet nokia 770 DHCP crash error
Date:15:47:23 08/01/2008

> Guten Tag
> I would think I might help. I compiled kismet for IT2007HE and it functioning. I can send tar file if you like...I think work gut.
> It still crash and I do not know why. I believe power management or wireless driver. instead of wlancond I believe maemo use conic. Here is what I have changed. It crash still...what you think dragorn can fix yes?

Unfortunately this won't do it - maemo uses several things. Wlancond runs the network stuff, libconic is a connection to wlancond.

Your patch isn't valid for conic - I messed around with it a while though. Conic requires you to be running dbus, g_main_loop/gtk_main and a bunch of other stuff. After writing up some test code that fulfills all that (200 lines of code and 43 libraries just to try to go offline), it turns out conic doesn't have an API for disconnecting the system entirely - it's all reference counting for per-app connections, so that won't do the trick here.

I can outright kill wlancond via /etc/init.d/wlancond stop, which kind of works, but then theres still something that makes rfmon stop reporting any frames.

Thanks for the attempt though, it definitely gave me more to try at least.

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