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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Special secret Kismet SSID
Date:15:32:45 21/12/2007

> > There (may have been) a bug which didn't handle some characters in a SSID, but I never got report working, I seem to recall the person reporting it was using a proxy inbetween which was rewriting the protocol and once you do that, all bets are off.
> >
> > -m
> Many thanks for the reply and a very Happy Christmas.
> To be honest its not impossible I dreamnt the whole thing, so I'll just pick an SSID something like "tinyWLANnothingtoseehere".
> Thanks again.

If you want to disappear into the noise, just call it "linksys" :P (and when your clients don't associate to it because there are too many others, call it "linksys2". No-one will ever pay it any attention.


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