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Posted by:gilbert2048
Subject:kismet loging information and distance determination
Date:21:10:24 01/12/2007

> Whatever the card reported it in.
> If it's negative, it should be dBm. If it's positive, it's RSSI with no known conversion (if the conversion was known, the drivers would be converting it to dBm instead). RSSI w/ no converter function is useless, unfortunately.
> Signal levels in RFMon tend to be very suspect in general. If you assume they're true signal reports, you still have to contend with loss from known objects. There is no simple way to derive distance to a transmitter of unknown power, unknown direction, and unknown obstacles.
> -m

If it is negative and I know the power and were assuming their are no obstacles and I have a general direction ie. 45 90 180, is there a way from that to get the distance?

edit: the card has an rt73 chipset if that helps with the measurement above


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