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Posted by:rfrdc
Subject:It seems that I have solve the problem that kismet can run only for a few minuts
Date:02:49:30 01/12/2007

> I am not completely sure why this could fixed the problem.But I GUESEE it the bug of the ath_hal or the hardware.

I am running Linux 2.6.20-BT-PwnSauce-NOSMP, Kismet-2007-10-R1, and Madwifi-, Netgear 108 Mbps Wireless PC Card WG511T.

I have had the same problem of Kismet running for a few minutes (< 5 min max) then stops capturing packets while continuing to hop channels. I tried the code work around. This seems to have increased the packet capturing time - on average - and I was able to capture packets for about 7 min max.

I started to consider the "or the hardware" option as a source of the problem. I changed the code back to its original state, and swapped out the Netgear with a Belkin Wireless G Notebook Card model no. F5D7010 ver. 5000. The Belkin seemed to do worse than the Netgear.

Then I tried a Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g Wireless Cardbus PC Card ( AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 ) and Kismet has been up and running and capturing packets without stopping.

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