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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Building a Wireless Intrusion Detection System Using Kismet
Date:07:01:05 27/11/2007

> Hi,
> I was considering building a Wireless Intrusion Detection System using Kismet to help detect any rogue wireless access points and NICs in ad-hoc network mode. What I'm thinking of configuring is a server with a wireless NIC card running Kismet. I would then whitelist legal access points and set it up to email me as soon as non-authorized access point is introduced as well as details (MAC address, time, etc.). Would I need any software other than Kismet?

Yes, you'd need to make yourself some sort of custom client (see numerous other posts about it) to handle the whitelisting and email. It wouldn't be that hard with something like perl or python.

> Can I tune the strength of the reception signal so that it covers only a certain area (our office)?

No, though you could try ignoring anything below a given threshold. You'd have to do some tests and see if it actually worked for you or not, I have my doubts.


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