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Posted by:KisNos
Subject:Locating Rogue Wireless Access Points in Your Office
Date:04:00:48 27/11/2007

Although I'm not sure if this question can be considered Kismet relaetd, Kismet might play a role in a solution such as this. My current situation is as follows:

* I have users at the office that bring in rogue access points (and sometimes ad-hoc networks) to try to circumvent the current access controls

What I'm basically trying to do is as follows:

* Build a system that can pinpoint the exact location of the wireless access. I know I'll probably need a directional antenna and some software to detect signal strength and if I'm closing in on the rogue access point or not.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

PS. The office is too big and has too many rooms to be able to detect a rogue wireless access point otherwise.

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