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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:BCM43XX as ETH2 and Kismet?
Date:04:25:50 23/11/2007

> After modifiying /usr/share/etc/kismet.conf (dunno why it was using this file and not /etc/kismet/kismet.conf )

Kismet is using that file, since you didn't specify the sysconfdir during the configure step, when compiling Kismet.

Next time try ./configure --help and read the options in the section specifying how to finetune the installation directories.

Dragorn has done an exceptionally good job in providing documentation, sensible error messages, and configurability in the way kismet is set up. Unfortunately Joe Average User haven't figured out that reading documentation and option parameters are required if you want to harvest the power of the kismet package.

I really wish sometimes, that Dragorn would setup a configure or make parameter that needs to be read in the documentation, since that would ensure that users HAVE to read the documentation before trying to compile kismet.

But then again, given the average IQ of Joe Average User, we'd have the forum flooded with posts saying "I cant get kismet to compile, the errormessage says 'Compilation parameter not set, please read the documentation for the correct value of the parameter'. How can I fix this, since I really really want kismet to work. Please help me, and if you don't post an answer within 30 seconds from my message, I will post again asking for help."

Yeah, I am a cynical SOB, but the above scenario is unfortunately true.


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