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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:compiling kismet-newcore has errors
Date:14:53:19 18/11/2007

> Compiling newcore from svn co kismet-devel runs into some errors and lots of warnings.
> Adding #include <string.h> to files and removes the errors, so newcore compiles warnings notwithstanding.
> The warnings are mainly repetitions of:
> warning: ‘typedef’ was ignored in this declaration
> and
> warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’

Ignore them. I may or may not bother to ever fix (most of) these. Every release of g++ seems determined to break any code that used g++ previously. I'm fairly sure I don't care to redefine every char * just because they decided they don't like string literals of the same flavor anymore.

Mostly it's caused by -Wall getting pulled in and things that didn't used to reside in Wall being enabled now. There are a few warnings in newcore which are legitimate, the vast majority of what gcc4 is spewing now however is minor pedantry.

> First error was:

Those are odd. No such errors here with 4.2.2, nor on BSD systems (which generally expose weird header issues quickly), but I'll add that in.


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