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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Electronic Wi-Fi Seeking System
Date:19:41:37 17/11/2007

> The way the antennas are set up, each one covers a 90 degree range. No more. Kismet logs the information from each antenna just fine, however we need to know which antenna the log is being written to from.

If you have multiple antennas on one card, you're probably completely out of luck.

Kismet-stable doesn't log per-card info because there is no option in the pcap dump file to record it. If you want to mimic that behavior you'll have to run multiple kismet instances, one for each radio, and aggregate them outside of kismet.

> Another issue is we're having trouble with the GPS connecting to kismet. It's connected via Bluetooth, the model is an i.Trek M5, using the MTK chipset. The device itself does connect to the laptop successfully, and other programs such as GPSDrive recognize it, and use it successfully.

No info about the problem means no suggestions on this one. I use a BT gps all the time w/ no issues. Any given version of gpsd is likely to have odd quirks, some work with some systems better than others. The latest Kismet-stable release has a number of gps related changes.


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