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Posted by:Lysol
Subject:Electronic Wi-Fi Seeking System
Date:18:31:55 17/11/2007

My friend and I are doing a school research project where we're trying to pinpoint access points, within a certain error margin of course. We have a GPS unit, and four antennas, which we're trying to hook up to kismet. We have successfully connected the antennas, and they work great, however we are having some trouble with some necessary functions of the project.

The way the antennas are set up, each one covers a 90 degree range. No more. Kismet logs the information from each antenna just fine, however we need to know which antenna the log is being written to from.

Another issue is we're having trouble with the GPS connecting to kismet. It's connected via Bluetooth, the model is an i.Trek M5, using the MTK chipset. The device itself does connect to the laptop successfully, and other programs such as GPSDrive recognize it, and use it successfully.

We're still researching the issues, but I hope the community can help us along with it! :)

Thank you in advanced for the help,

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