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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet, snort and bash to upload my logs?
Date:17:38:40 09/11/2007

> I've been a happy Kismet user for five years. I started on a Sharp Zaurus and moved through several old laptops. I'm interested in a variation of something I have thought about for several years. Some of my wardriving setups have been nice multi-card setups, with a nice mount for laptop. some were pretty sloppy, and hard on pigtails/PCMCIA cards/USB/power cables.
> Scenario: When I start the vehicle, I would like it to log me in, and start GPSD/Kismet. When I return home from wardriving, I would like Snort to recognize my home AP, turn off Kismet, connect to my AP and upload my logs, then turn off the machine.

I've done this w/out snort. Just write up a little perl kismet client that looks for your home network and shuts down kismet - if you control the client, the fact that the server shut down doesn't mean the client has to exit, so you can script an associate and rsync that way.

As for powerup stuff - I always ran mine headless, but you could probably do it by setting the first virtual console to run the kismet client as your user (maybe w/ a wrapper script and su) instead of /bin/login, and it should work. I suspect you'll need the wrapper to set some of the terminal states first since you won't get a normal getty login, but it should work for booting into a kismet display on console.

[edit] if you wanted to be really obtuse, I bet you could do it with just bash and netcat, too.


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