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Posted by:argh
Subject:kismet, snort and bash to upload my logs?
Date:04:48:04 09/11/2007

I've been a happy Kismet user for five years. I started on a Sharp Zaurus and moved through several old laptops. I'm interested in a variation of something I have thought about for several years. Some of my wardriving setups have been nice multi-card setups, with a nice mount for laptop. some were pretty sloppy, and hard on pigtails/PCMCIA cards/USB/power cables.

Scenario: When I start the vehicle, I would like it to log me in, and start GPSD/Kismet. When I return home from wardriving, I would like Snort to recognize my home AP, turn off Kismet, connect to my AP and upload my logs, then turn off the machine.

I recently was given an old Panasonic Toughbook 28, it is quite a feat of laptop engineering. It has two mini-PCI slots, and I would like to resurrect it as a semi-permanent "live in the trunk" dedicated Kismet setup. If it will survive Iraq and Antartica, it will probably survive my car trunk. I would like to have no USB and no PCMCIA items dangling from it.

Israel Torres has good automated powerup/gpsd/kismet info at Although the link to auto-login link is gone, currently there is another copy at

I haven't worked with Snort, but it looks pretty straightforward for this, just set up a FIFO, and learn to write some Snort rules. You would have to insert a long SLEEP at the beginning to allow myself enough time to get away from home, else Snort would shut it down before I leave.

Some of my wardriving rigs have been enough of a hassle to set up, that I often do not do it for short drives. Suggestions? I would like to avoid re-inventing the wheel if someone else has done work along these lines.

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