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Posted by:bazaari
Subject:It seems that I have solve the problem that kismet can run only for a few minuts
Date:08:11:46 25/10/2007

With the help of our clever colleagues, it seems that I have found the reasons.
If we do the channel change quickly(for example, 10 times per second), madwifi could not recieve any packet.
After an almost exhaustive experiment, we found that this will occur in some cards with some kind of atheros chipset except for the ones with atheros super AG chipset.
The reason is in the driver of madwifi(of course we use the newest version of madwifi).
We add these code in the function of "ath_chan_set",and the problem seems disappear.
if (!ath_hal_reset(ah, sc->sc_opmode, &hchan, AH_FALSE, &status)) {
printk("%s: %s: unable to reset channel %u (%u MHz) "
"flags 0x%x '%s' (HAL status %u)\n",
dev->name, __func__,
ieee80211_chan2ieee(ic, chan), chan->ic_freq,
ath_get_hal_status_desc(status), status);
return -EIO;
These codes follows "if (!ath_hal_reset(ah, sc->sc_opmode, &hchan, AH_TRUE, &status))",which reset the ath_hal.

Thank you to dragor again. Thanks for your advices and your tiny patients.

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