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Posted by:squorn
Subject:Kismet nokia 770 DHCP crash error
Date:03:44:35 24/10/2007

Hey guys I am trying to help with your post under news about the Nokis 770 and I am running into some trouble. I originally downloaded kismet from to install but I ran into stability issues after about 10 min. So I compiled 2007-10-R1 and move it over and I am still getting the same error. After approx 10 min kismet crashes and states:

FATAL: reading packet from pcap failed, interface is no longer up. Usually this happens when a DHCP client times out and turns off the interface....

my set up is as follows:
Nokia 770
IT2007HE newest release as of oct 23 2007
libpcap from standard repos
kismet compiled in scratchbox and moved over
ncurse-bin from standard repos

do you guys have any ideas on what could be causing this? any simple work around? I am thinking it is the networkmonitor dicking around but I am not positive so I decided to ask. Thanks in advanced guys.

Once I get this working I will write the scripts and hopefully make a nice .deb package for you.

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