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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Macbook doesn't capture weak IV's
Date:21:41:16 20/10/2007

> Hi,
> I've got Kismet up and running on my Macbook Core2Duo (atheros chipset). I ran it for 24 hours and it's not collected any weak packets. I know there is traffic on the networks I'm monitoring and I've got a total of about 800,000 packets.
> I seem to recall reading somewhere an issue with the Macbooks and Macbook pros screwing up packets due to how they are collected but now I can't find that web site.
> Does this sound familiar to anyone? Should I be able to get weak packets?

Ignore weak IVs. They are worthless, and the detection has been dropped from newcore. WeakIVs were once interesting, now they're just a historical artifact.


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