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Posted by:dragorn
Date:14:20:54 18/10/2007

> I've been really impressed with this project and would like to help keep it going. I don't have lots of funds, but for the great help this software has given me I would like to show my thanks buy paying something for it, not because I have to, but because the quality and usefulness of this program warrants it. Do you have a 'fund' of some kind, or should we just Paypal to your email?
> Thanks again,
> dt

(Sorry, been on the road)

I don't have any mechanism set up for that, since paypal makes it difficult to accept credit cards and such if you're not a company.

Since switching jobs, I'm doing pretty well anyhow, but the gesture is appreciated. :)

I'd say anyone really interested in donating should send it to a worthy cause - I like the EFF, personally.


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