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Posted by:vdevcoder
Subject:Kismet install & monitor mode
Date:06:32:52 12/10/2007

Hi all.
I'm using the Intel Pro Wireless card ipw3945 that came with my HP laptop. I am trying to sniff packets by turning on the monitor mode. I'm working on Ubuntu.
I have several questions :

1. Is it possible for my card to turn on the monitor mode. I'm trying to do -
"sudo iwconfig eth1 mode monitor". There are no errors but still kismet doesn't seem to turn on the monitor mode.
If its not possible on my card, which card is the best on monitor mode ??

2. About kismet : I installed kismet using Synaptics package manager. So, I didn't have to compile kismet at all and its working(after I changed the kismet.conf file). But I don't see the output. I believe its writing to another log file (.dump). What do I use to read from it ???? Ethereal, wireshark ??

3. Installing wireshark, ethereal : I tried installing them and ubuntu for some reason can't find the gcc compiler to compile them even after I download the gcc using "sudo get-apt install gcc"

Could you guys help me out here please ????
Thank you.

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