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Posted by:dt
Subject:_NO User Interface_ ...but server still works great
Date:18:40:26 11/10/2007

> > Starting UI...
> > FATAL: Could not connect to localhost:2501.
> > any ideas?
> I'd say your /etc/hosts or loopback interface is screwed up. Localhost should be defined as and lo should be up (and have the ip
> You could change kismet_ui.conf to use the ip instead of the name, but that won't help if loopback isn't up, and you'll see other issues if localhost/lo aren't set up on your system properly.
> -m

upgraded to the newest release (Kismet-2007-10-R1) and my loopback is still set up properly...still no interface

all my other info is the same, but now the command output looks like this with weird characters at the end of the output:

bash-3.1$ kismet
Launching kismet_server: /usr/local/bin/kismet_server
Will drop privs to bumpy (1000) gid 100
No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
Non-RFMon VAPs will be destroyed on multi-vap interfaces (ie, madwifi-ng)
Enabling channel hopping.
Enabling channel splitting.
Source 0 (intelPROset): Enabling monitor mode for ipw2915 source interface eth1 channel 6...
Source 0 (intelPROset): Opening ipw2915 source interface eth1...
Spawned channel control process 4142
Dropped privs to bumpy (1000) gid 100
Will attempt to put networkmanager to sleep...
Allowing clients to fetch WEP keys.
WARNING: Disabling GPS logging.
Logging networks to
Logging networks in CSV format to Kismet-Oct-11-2007-1.csv
Logging networks in XML format to Kismet-Oct-11-2007-1.xml
Logging cryptographically weak packets to Kismet-Oct-11-2007-1.weak
Logging cisco product information to
Logging data to Kismet-Oct-11-2007-1.dump
Writing data files to disk every 300 seconds.
Mangling encrypted and fuzzy data packets.
Tracking probe responses and associating probe networks.
Reading AP manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/ap_manuf
Reading client manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/client_manuf
Using network-classifier based data encryption detection
Not tracking duplicate IVs
Putting networkmanager to sleep...
Dump file format: wiretap (local code) dump
Crypt file format: airsnort (weak packet) dump
Kismet 2007.10.R1 (Kismet)
Logging data networks CSV XML weak cisco
Listening on port 2501.
Allowing connections from
Registering builtin client/server protocols...
Registering requested alerts...
Registering builtin timer events...
Gathering packets...
Launching kismet_client: /usr/local/bin/kismet_client
Launched client, pid 4143
FATAL: Could not connect to localhost:2501.
Didn't capture any packets, unlinking dump file
Didn't see any weak encryption packets, unlinking weak file
Sending termination request to channel control child 4142...
Waiting for channel control child 4142 to exit...
WARNING: Sometimes cards don't always come out of monitor mode
cleanly. If your card is not fully working, you may need to
restart or reconfigure it for normal operation.
Trying to wake networkmanager back up...

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