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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:(Yet another) Kismet on Windows Q.
Date:15:07:29 10/10/2007

> Q1: The kismet version number on the file on the CD says "2007-01-R2", but the latest version I can find is "2007-01-R1b" and "kismet_server -v" says R1. Are R2 and R1b the same?

Effectively. -Rn are subreleases, usually to address specific platform problems. If I recall, R1b was fixes for either BSD or OpenWRT embedded. Whatever it was, there wasn't any need to do a new windows build.

> Q2: I've seen references to a kismet manual and "installing Cygwin" for it while browsing, but I've found no manual nor any installation instructions that include installing Cygwin. Is there a manual? Do I need to do a full Cygwin install, or is executing the setup file supposed to be sufficient?

The documentation link above has the kismet info. If you're going to build kismet yourself, you need a full cygwin+toolchain install (ie, get the official cygwin installer, install the dev tools, etc). If you're just running Kismet, the installer the guys at Cace built installs enough that you shouldn't need to download anything else.

> I run Kismet from Windows XP. The server craps out with the infamous "/ could not write ..." error. I have monkeyed around with the config file -- I know that it's reading the config because I get the expected error when I comment out the piddir variable. But nothing that I *do to* the piddir variable has any effect; i.e. if I change piddir to /tmp/ the error is still "/ ...". The standard value, ./ , seems like it should work, but it does not -- nor does it appear to be integrated in the error message. The "Kismet for Windows Configuration Utility" seems to be working fine -- e.g. it finds my device, let's me edit the config files, and I get the exact same problems when executing manually from the command line instead of using the "apply and run" button.

I'm not entirely sure what error you're referring to. Sounds like you're telling it a directory that doesn't exist or which has weird permissions on it though. Maybe someone more familiar with windows can aid (or maybe a previous post on the forums here has info)

> Q3: I have double checked the AirPCap setup and it is set to "802.11 + radio". Is there something else that I need to check in the setup as well?

That should be all that kismet needs, other than a directory that exists and is writeable to put log files in.

> Q4: Should I look into 2007-10-R1?

There should be a windows installer soon, the guys at Cace are going to build one. Otherwise you can build it yourself with cygwin if you want it now.


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