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Posted by:Toranoko
Subject:(Yet another) Kismet on Windows Q.
Date:14:44:06 10/10/2007

Hello everyone,

I've checked everywhere (did the standard google & forums searches) for the answers to this problem. Similar problems showed up, but none of the solutions seemed to work. I did *not* RTFM because I can't find it, but I did check the readme et al. Still, I suppose it's possible that I missed something obvious ...

We recently obtained the Cace AirPcap EX. The hardware works fine; I can run Wireshark without any problems and I get more information that In know what to do with (this is a good thing ...). I also installed Kismet from the CD that came with the device.

Q1: The kismet version number on the file on the CD says "2007-01-R2", but the latest version I can find is "2007-01-R1b" and "kismet_server -v" says R1. Are R2 and R1b the same?

Q2: I've seen references to a kismet manual and "installing Cygwin" for it while browsing, but I've found no manual nor any installation instructions that include installing Cygwin. Is there a manual? Do I need to do a full Cygwin install, or is executing the setup file supposed to be sufficient?

I run Kismet from Windows XP. The server craps out with the infamous "/ could not write ..." error. I have monkeyed around with the config file -- I know that it's reading the config because I get the expected error when I comment out the piddir variable. But nothing that I *do to* the piddir variable has any effect; i.e. if I change piddir to /tmp/ the error is still "/ ...". The standard value, ./ , seems like it should work, but it does not -- nor does it appear to be integrated in the error message. The "Kismet for Windows Configuration Utility" seems to be working fine -- e.g. it finds my device, let's me edit the config files, and I get the exact same problems when executing manually from the command line instead of using the "apply and run" button.

Q3: I have double checked the AirPCap setup and it is set to "802.11 + radio". Is there something else that I need to check in the setup as well?

Anyone know what's going on here? Any ideas would be most welcome; I'm fairly new to the wireless world (old-school C++ programmer) and I'm kinda tired of banging my head against the wall ...

Q4: Should I look into 2007-10-R1?


John Price

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