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Posted by:trynewcore
Subject:Questions regarding UI
Date:07:43:43 07/10/2007


first let me thank you for programming kismet, its a grat tool! I installed the stable version from 2007 and its working fine. But there are three questions regarding the UI that I have:

1.) Once I discovered an open wlan and kismet set a flag U4. Regarding to the help-text this means that kismet gethered some information out of an UDP-packet. But when I looked at the details of that network, the counter of the data-packets was at zero. So how could kismet gather information from an UDP-packet without having one?

2.) On the buttom of the UI there is a window with logmessages like ALERTs and new found networks. Is there any way to sroll that window back or write this messages into a logfile?

3.) In the same window sometime are messages that kismet found a client which ist probing for a new network essid. But after this messages I cannot find the MAC of this client in the list of the probing clients. It seems that kismet is silently dropping these clients after figuring out that they don't belong to any known accesspoint.

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