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Posted by:dragorn quirks
Date:02:58:31 03/10/2007

> > Kismet gpsd sends a newline.
> And also a null, if I'm not mistaken, since
> if (write(sock, gpsd_command, sizeof(gpsd_command)) < 0) {
> would send 7 bytes. strlen might work better. In any case, the gpsd docs don't mention what to do with the null, or other unknown commands, for that matter.
> And there's still the issue of expecting a null-terminated string (or 1024 bytes) in the results instead of a CR/LF.

I'm inclined to say "works for now, and I won't care much soon". If you wanted to send diffs, I'd probably merge them, provided they don't interfere with any other gpsd implementations at the same time.

> I'm sorry to hear that. Such a decision seems rather excessive though. Won't it be easier to work with the gpsd team on standardizing the interface than to reinvent the wheel and take on various compatibility issues interfacing with the GPS hardware directly?

Previous attempts have not gone exactly smoothly. The direct serial code has been asked for a lot, and is already written to do basic nmea parsing, meh.


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