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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet on rtap0 (using ipw2200 chipset)
Date:23:07:32 30/09/2007

> Hello,
> is there any way how tu run kismet on rtap0 device (using ipw2200 chipset) to listen on network? I could only run it with "kismet -c ipw2200,eth1,<anything>". Eth0 is a non-wifi network card.
> I would like to run it on rtap0 to be able to surf use my eth1 normally for surfing net etc, because while eth1 is in monitor mode, it's not possible.. (or when I dont need it for surfing, I may need eth1 for running packet injection via aireply..)

Yes, docs, it's called 'livetap'.

However you don't be doing 802.11 injection with an ipw2200 card as far as I know.


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