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Posted by:qlenfg
Subject:Card keeps returning to managed mode.
Date:01:19:52 27/09/2007

> > I don't know what's up, my ipw2200-based card keeps reverting to managed mode while kismet is running.
> >
> > While kismet is still running, I can type
> >
> > sudo iwconfig eth1 mode monitor
> >
> > And that returns it to monitor mode, and kismet continues collecting packets, but after about 2 or three minutes, it falls back into managed mode?
> >
> > Anyone have any idea how to stop this?
> Turn off your network manager or wpa_supplicant. Some program you have is changing the mode of the card in the background outside of Kismet's control.
> -m

Cool. Found this thread and uninstalling the WPA Supplicant seems to have fixed my issue as well.

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