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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Modifying kismet to ignore wired clients
Date:16:39:42 24/09/2007

> I wish to edit the way new clients are added to the client list so that Kismet ignores new clients. Adding the following logic to the beginning of the client creation (CreateClient) function results in ignoring all such wired clients, but also in kismet missing many of the valid wired clients :
> if( info->type == packet_data && info->distrib == from_distribution)
> return NULL;
> Is there better logic that could be added to this to keep the wired clients at bay but increase the number of wireless clients discovered (maybe only ignore from_distribution && info_type == proto_arp instead?). Thanks for any help that can be offered.

Easiest is to let it create all the clients it wants and then just filter "From distribution" clients out in your app, or modify the client to not display them (quickest route there is to just discard them in the client parser).

Flat-out eliminating handling from-distrib clients is going to cause secondary effects like not properly detecting associated clients (no data "from" means no "established" state)


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