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Posted by:00
Subject:What are the correct settings for WRT54GL v1.1 ?????
Date:03:37:01 21/09/2007

Trying to get kismet_drone.conf set up correctly... I am trying all these different settings:

wlname=`nvram get wl_ifname`
#sed -i -e "/eth1/s/eth1.wireless/$wlname:prism0,kismet-drone/g" /tmp/etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
sed -i -e "/eth1/s/eth1.wireless/$wlname:prism0,wrt54g/g" /tmp/etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
#sed -i -e '/eth1/s/eth1.wireless/prism0,wrt54g/g' /tmp/etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
#sed -i -e '/eth1/s/eth1.wireless/eth2,wrt54g/g' /tmp/etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
#sed -i -e '/eth1/s/eth1.wireless/eth2,kismet-drone/g' /tmp/etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
#sed -i -e "/eth1/s/eth1.wireless/$wlname,wrt54g/g" /tmp/etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
#sed -i -e "/eth1/s/eth1.wireless/$wlname,kismet-drone/g" /tmp/etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf

None of them seem to work !!! This is using openwrt's kismet drone. and trying to set it up in my script found here:

What is the correct source names for this router ???

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