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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Removing mon-monitor VAPs
Date:14:37:40 20/09/2007

> I've been using Kismet with an Intel ipw2100 under SuSe successfully for a while, and have just obtained a D-Link madwifi card. No probs downloading and installing the latest madwifi drivers.
> I now have 2 devices associated with the new card: ath0 and wifi0. Kismet seems to work with the latter, but the docs say to remove all non-monitor VAPs (presumably such as ath0) or you may loose traffic.
> How? Looked in the ifconfig and iwconfig man pages, and tried to see what the madwifi make install did, but so far no luck.

wlanconfig <dev> destroy

Kismet will do this for you in the next release (or not, depending how you configure it) which is forthcoming as soon as I apply some patches and package things up.


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