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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Fixing the problem with Kismet and Network-Manager
Date:19:29:15 18/09/2007

> Hi just to make it better be found for others I opend this new post. Here's now my final solution to this problem.
> Just save this script in a file Kismet (<- notice the upper K!!) in /usr/local/bin :
> Now you can start kismet with "sudo Kismet" and everything works as usual :)

Not an unreasonable approach.

Leads me to consider if it's worth putting dbus support into kismet to do this for you, however dhcp isn't controlled by dbus so I'm not sure it would be a fix-all.

Does NM shut down dhcp on the interfaces it controls when you ask it to sleep?

Can you ask NM to only sleep on a specific interface?


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