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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet: seg fault on wrt54g
Date:16:18:12 29/08/2007

> OK.
> I'll retry kismet-drone_2007-01-R1a-1_mipsel.ipk then.
> That's actually the one which gives me the symbol issue; will recheck anyway.
> On that one, what are the uclibc++ and libpcap version expected by that version (2007-01-R1a-1)?

Those aren't compiled for DD, so I have no idea if they'll work - I expect they will not. I don't plan to make mips binaries anymore now that the openwrt guys (and I presume others) have a nice build system and up-to-date packages, the mipsel stuff really predated them having a usable distro and was meant to try to hack it into non-customized stuff when the wrt first came out.


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