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Posted by:krzychoocpp
Subject:qKismet - Qt Kismet GUI
Date:12:32:19 26/08/2007

> > QSortFilterProxyModel::invalidateFilter was introduced in Qt 4.3. In INSTALL file I've written "Make sure you have Qt >= 4.3" ;) If you don't want to install new Qt, remove or comment each occurence of "invalidateFilter", and "compare" in line 91. Filtering in views will not work.
> Heh, fair enough.
> Might be worth a config detect then.

I've just added some Qt version checks, latest version form SVN should now compile with Qt 4.1. Of course interface will look a bit different and some things will not work, or work weird, for example:
- Sorting will not work,
- When you type in filter field, filtering will be applied, but part of text will be hidden below button (Qt 4.1 lacks CSS support).

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