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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Intel iwl4965 Adapter with iwlwifi drivers
Date:18:54:58 24/08/2007

> I get this if I don't put the interface in monitor mode first:
> Source 0 (Kismet): Enabling monitor mode for ipw3945 source interface wlan0 channel 6...
> FATAL: Failed to set monitor mode: Device or resource busy. This usually means your drivers either do not support monitor mode, or use a different mechanism for getting to it. Make sure you have a version of your drivers that support monitor mode, and consult the troubleshooting section of the README.

OK, I'll dig on this.

If you have a chance, hop on the kismet IRC channel and ping me, #kismet

[ Edit - Looks like a long-standing bug where I didn't invert flags properly and it didn't ever ifconfig down the interface, so hopefully the latest SVN will work as I claimed now ]


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